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Sadie Falmily Soldaat Grenache South Africa, 2015, 750

Sadie Family Soldaat Grenache South Africa, 2022, 750

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Sadie Family Soldaat Grenache South Africa, 2022, 750


The most planted red grape variety in the world is Grenache Noir. It has had a long standing position in South Africa as well, but it has to be noted that it is very site specific. In South Africa the Piekenierskloof Pass, going north to Citrusdal, has in recent years firmly positioned itself as the leading location for Grenache.

The Piekenierskloof took its name from the piekeniers (foot soldiers) who were located at the top of the pass of the mountain to protect the lifestock in this part of the old Cape Colony from theft, hence this parcel of vines being named Soldaat (Soldier).

The unique climate on the top of the mountain and the altitude are key elements that give us the wonderful ripening conditions to be found in this region. This old, unirrigated vineyard was planted at around 708 meters of altitude in decomposed granite soil with a slight easterly slope.

One of the characteristics of Grenache is that it can display fresh, bright red fruit aromas and an earthy minerality that follows through, and alcoholic version that is so often produced. Throughout the vinification process of this wine utmost care is taken to preserve the elegant and refined side of this magnificent grape.


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