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Please keep in mind that proper handling of your wine is foremost at R.H.C. Selections. We do not ship wine in high, or extremely low temperatures. If it is not safe to ship your wine immediately we will hold it in cellar storage free of charge. Very little wine is shipped during warmer Spring, or any Summer months. Please keep in mind that the temperature at your location is not indicative of safe shipping as the wine will traverse many states including the hub in Kentucky depending on where it is going, (this generally includes anywhere east of the Mississippi or any states adjacent). If you would like expedited overnight shipping during these warm months we would be happy to make that happen, please reach out to us at 541.241.0539 or via email at

Post Summer shipping generally begins in earnest late September/October. Please keep the points above in mind. Please do your best to resist contacting us in September to check on your order. We will contact you as soon as it is cool enough to ship and verify you are able to receive shipment..