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Louis Roederer Brut Nature Champagne France, 2006, 750

Louis Roederer Brut Nature Champagne France, 2009, 750

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Louis Roederer Brut Nature Champagne France, 2009, 750

An exciting new wine from Louis Roderer the first in forty years. I think it is an interesting effect of the smaller "grower movement in Champagne that has been building momentum for the last decade, and the rising popularity of very dry Champagnes.

From the Recent article in The Wine Spectator:

"Louis Roederer Champagne, best known for its tête du cuvée Cristal, is launching its first new cuvée in more than 40 years, a brut nature, meaning no dosage of sugar was added to the wine after secondary fermentation..."
"“The first key is the terroir—we wanted it to speak,” said Lécaillon, and to that end all 25 acres of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir were harvested on the same day, then pressed and vinified together..."
"...To promote a greater textural component that would support the wine’s firm acidity, the wine saw minimal racking and spent 10 months on the lees. Bottling at lower pressure—4.5 atmospheres of pressure versus the widely used 6—also aided the wine’s texture. “Pressure and texture interact,” explained Lécaillon. “If you’re too high in pressure, you lose the texture.”"


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