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Berthaut-Gerbet Fixin Burgundy France, 2017, 750

Berthaut-Gerbet Fixin Burgundy France, 2019, 750

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Berthaut-Gerbet Fixin Burgundy France, 2019, 750

  • Size: 2.6 ha (6.4 ac)
  • Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Vine Age: Planted 1980-1990
  • Terroir: Blend of lieux-dits: Fixey, Le Village, Le Pré, La Sorgentière and La Vionne; with limestone and marl soils
  • Viticulture: Lutte raisonnée
  • Vinification: 100% de-stemmed, mostly pump-overs with some punch-downs, indigenous yeast fermentation. Aged for 12 months in barrel (no new oak).

Fixey: 0.87 hectares (2.15 acres.) There are four lieux-dits with this name on the Fixin map. The Berthaut’s parcel lies just east of the village of Fixey.

Le Village: 0.5 hectares (1.24 acres.) There are several parcels with the same name on the map. The Berthauts’ parcel lies just south of Entre Deux Velles, towards the east. It is the clos you see as you enter the courtyard of the caveau.

Le Pré: 0.5 hectares (1.24 acres.) It is nestled in the village of Fixin with houses surrounding it. It is the vineyard one passes as you walk from the tasting room to the cellar.

La Sorgentière and La Vionne: 0.6 hectares (1.48 acres) and 0.1 hectares (0.25 acres) respectively, forming one parcel.

Soil and Bedrock

The first three parcels are similar: The soil is deep, 50 to 100 cm. It is rich in heavy clay, but with a notable amount of silt and sand, and is only weakly to moderately calcareous. The bedrock is mostly sandy marl, except in the upper part of the Fixey lieu-dit, where it is Crinoidal limestone.

La Sorgentière/La Vionne is different: Soil is shallower, 20 to 50cm. It is clay-rich silty sand and weakly calcareous.

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